Sunday, April 11, 2010

Young and Old Alike

Katherine was a successful engineer,she had a son in MIT and her daughter was a freshmen at John's Hopkins.

She worked hard to keep both there and when she needed to cut loose, she played hard to.

One weekend while nursing a hangover,Kat's daughter Alexandra comes home unexpectedly with a girlfriend.Mom I am home,listen I brought my friend to spend the weekend with me is that OK?Mom where are you.

Mom comes strolling out of her bedroom looking like something the cat dragged in. What the hell did you do last night mom?Well dear last night your mother made a fool of herself by drinking a little too much.Ah yeah,well this is my friend Samantha mom,she will be spending the weekend is that OK? Sure,just don't make too much noise my hair hurts right now.

Hours later mom returns from her room,dressed as she normally does,knee lenght business skirt,white silk blouse,make up on perfect and her long blond hair cascading over her shoulders.Samantha looked and could not believe this was the same woman that looked like a train wreck just hours earlier.She was hot..

At supper time, Alex announces that she must go back to school and was it alright if Samantha stayed not for the weekend, but for the week.Mom felt a little put out but agreed.

After Alex leaves,mom decides to get comfortable and goes up to change into her nightgown,as she is doing so Samantha passes her room and sees her changing,she stops and watches as Kate slowly undresses and begins caressing her breast stopping at her nipples where she gently tugs each one before moving on down her stomach to the swollen folds of her vagina.Samantha moans a little to loud and startles Kate who comes to the door and catches Samantha frozen in place but apparently aroused indicated by her nipples straining to get out of the thin tank top she was wearing.

Kate whispers,its OK dear,we all have needs,she extends her hand to Samantha gently pulling her into the bedroom.She gently strokes Samantha's hair away from her cheek and then delicately kisses her cheek,and notices Sam's breathing is rapidly increasing,she first drops her nightgown to the floor exposing a beautiful body that would shame any woman half her age

.Sams' swallows as she looks on at Kate's beautiful body.Kate then undresses Samantha and and begins fondling her perky breast,oh please Kate I am...I know dear..and kisses her perfect lips full on. The fear in Sam's eyes is replaced with excitement and anticipation.Kate escorts Sam to bed and makes her comfortable. She then eases herself onto the bed and begins kissing and stroking Sam's body starting with her breasts and gently and slowly working her way down to her pussy..Mrs..Sam begins to say..then Kate hushes her and says..its Kate to you my love.Kate gently licks her lovers breasts stopping only to nibble on the young waifs nipples.Sam coo's and says please harder of yes like that harder oh pull them yes like that oh my god I am...I am,Kate reaches down and inserts one finger into Sam's pussy,her body stiffens her eyes open wide and she gasps oh yes please deeper ..yes..there of yes...more, Kate inserts two fingers and Sam's breathing becomes even more labored,her mouth opens her body stiffens as she pushes down to meet each thrust.Kate kisses Sam full on her lips and Sam reciprocates with passion in her eyes and the look of lust on her face.

Kate's thrusting becomes more vigorous and faster Sam thrusting on Kate's fingers gets more forceful,Oh you are so wet dear,I want to taste your nectar.Kate withdraws her fingers from Sam's vagina and moves down on the bed to position herself.She begins very slowly licking the folds of her lips and Sam's starts breathing heavy again,Kate then escalates the pace by using her other hand and gently pressing on Kate's pubic bone and stroking her clitoris.
Kate screams of yes more faster oh my god....deeper..more..then she goes silently as her body twitches and spasms in ecstasy.Soon the body quakes are over and Sam smiles at Kate and whispers thank you...Kate says your welcome,Sam gently whispers what about you,Kate responds"tonight was for you tomorrow is for us".


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