Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sucking for the First Time

What Im about to tell you has justed happened 10 minutes ago. Me best friend wesely is staying at my house because my parents are away and left me home alone for a week. Today was the first day alone so i invited wesely over for some company. Me and him were looking at at porn and got really hard. I said I dare u to jack off. Wesely never says no to a dare and we were really hard, sohe just took off his pants leaving only his shirt on and started to jackoff. At first i stared, but my cock was begging me to do the same so i took off all my clothes and started to jack my 7 incher off. We didnt cum to the first porn video because it got boring so we started to look at some other ones. We came across a gay video and i said i dare u to play it. He did and for about 2 minutes we both just stared at the video of the black guy giving the white guy some crazy head. Wesely started jack of and after i noticed him doing it i joined. I said Danm that guy gives some good head. Wesely said So do i and i stared at him in awe. He pushed me on to the bed and put my cock in his mouth. I didnt resist because i was so hard any i always wanted to try gay sex. His mouth went up and down my cock and I started to breath heavier and heavir. I could feel the cum building up. I couldnt take it anymore and my hips started to buck as a huge load went in mouth. Wesely started kissing me and i could taste my cum in his mouth. That was the sexist kiss I ever had. He then said Its your turn and I quickly flipped him over and stuffed his 6 incher in my mouth. Wow did his cock taste good. It was nice and warm and precum had been dripping out of it. I bobed my head on his cock and occasionaly stopped to swirl my tongue on the head of his cock. I held my head still while he fucked my mouth until his came 3 huge loads in my mouth and on my face. He licked his come off my face and we just layed there until i came up with an idea to post my first gay encounter on Sex Stories Post.


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