Sunday, April 11, 2010

Romeo and Juliette

This is a story about my friend Romeo. You see there's this really hot girl at our school named Juliette and she has the biggest ass in the school. Juliette had just broken up with her boyfriend Drew and she was finally single. Romeo is just a regular 7th grade guy who's about 5'3 and average weight. Juliette is about 5'5 and she has 36c cup breasts. Her ass is about the size of two average size watermelons which makes her ass off proportion to her waist and skinny legs. Juliette was a smoking hot 8th grader and Romeo would have normally never had a chance but Juliette was open for anything.
Romeo decided that one saturday he would just walk over to her house and say hello. He walked up to her door and knocked. After a few seconds she came to the door in nothing but a towel. "oh I just got out of the shower Romeo. Let me put on some undies ha ha," she said with a smile. She walked over to the couch and bent over. Romeo could clearly see her ass hole and cunt under the short towel. "I bet you wish you had gens like these huh?" "uh sure?" Romeo said, surprised that she would say something like that. How about you come lay on the couch and take a closer look. Romeo walked over and layed down on the couch. "actually I'm to tired for anything now. I think I'll watch tv." Juliette came over and told Romeo to lay his head back. "uh ok? I want to watch tv t-." Just then, Juliette sat her cunt and ass right on his face. He mumbled and Juliette said, "be quiet I want to watch 90210." Romeo sat there not knowing what to do for a while. After 10 minutes of dry pussy on his face, Romeo started to lick to enhance his experience. Juliette giggled and she started to get wet. He kept it up and she enjoyed it until she started getting too horny just for getting ate out. She decided to fuck Romeo but he would have to work for it. "ok Romeo, were going to fuck. But first you need to do me a favor." Romeo nodded and Juliette went and put on a g string. When she came back she told Romeo that he was going to put on her g string. "why?" Romeo asked. "cause I told you to dude. Put it on bitch!" Romeo didn't hesitate and put the purple g string on. His ass groin and waist were instantly covered in something warm. "what is this?" he asked. "oh it's just superglue so you don't take it off." Romeo wasn't very happy but he was hoping he'd get to have sex soon. "ok now put these fishnets on." Romeo did as he was told. Romeo also did what he was told when she told him to put on the bra which she superglued to him as well. "can we have sex soon?" he asked. "yep it's sex time. And I... have a strap on!" Romeo was ready for anything as long as he would get to soon shoot hot cum all over Juliette.
"ok put this blindfold on Romeo." Romeo put it on and she made him get into a doggie style position. "ok stay here while I put on my strap on." Juliette ran to the other room and found her dog Charlie on the floor. "hey Charlie want to have some fun?" she whispered. Juliette took his collar off and took Charlie into the living room. "I'm gonna fuck you doggy style ok Romeo?" "ok " Romeo said. Juliette put the collar on Romeo and led Charlie over to Romeos ass. Charlie took a little arousal but then he put his red dick which was currently only 4 inches long in Romeos ass. Romeo helped and Juliette stuck her underwear in his mouth which was soaked with her juices. Charlie started going to work and then in two sharp thrusts his dick grew to 7 and then 9 inches. Romeo grunted as a huge dick threatened to tear his intestines from the inside. After a few minutes Charlie cummed hard into Romeos ass and he kept cumming and cumming and CUMMING. He was now cumming so much that Romeos stomach was starting to bow out. Juliette was rubbing her cunt like there was no tomorrow and Romeo had not yet realized that juliette was not the one fucking him. Charlie tried to pull out but his knot was tied to his bitch. Romeo was wondering why he couldn't get up and Juliette said "oh I think it's stuck. Hang on." After ten minutes of awkward silence Charlie finally pulled out and Romeo layed down on the floor. Cum was flowing out of Romeos ass like a waterfall and he took off his blindfold. "what is this?" he asked Juliette. "oh it's a new strap on that shoots out cum when you start to climax. Pretty cool huh?" "sure." Juliette decided he had pained enough and she got the glue solvent and helped him get her clothes off of him. He let the rest of the cum drain out of his asshole and then they went to her bedroom.
Romeo watched as Juliette layed down on the bed and beckened him to come lay on top of her. After some positioning he got his dick in her cunt and started sliding it up and down, hitting all the walls. He gripped her tits and started really getting into it and thrusting all his weight into her cunt. She stopped him and started to get up. He watched her position herself with her leg on the headboard and she nodded for him. Romeo walked up and started fucking her standing up. She was having intense pleasure as he stimulated her clitoris and soon he was about to cum. He pulled out and frantically told her to get on her knees. Juliette got down on her knees and stuck her tongue out and started panting like a dog. Romeo rubbed his dick hard and cummed all over her face and tits. She tried to catch it in her mouth but it landed mostly on her face. Romeo layed down and Juliette layed next to him. They were ready for whatever was going to happen next but that's another story.


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