Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Professor Is Teaching Me a Lesson I Can't Learn In School.

It was 4;30, and school had ended half an hour ago. I was waiting for my english profesor to finish his meeting. He asked me to stay after school so we could talk about my grades. Apparently I'm failing, which is strange since I've been handing in all my assingments and acing all my tests. Soon Mr. Lonto walked around the corner, laughing with a bunch of other teachers. They seemed to be taking their time, and i grew impatient. There is no way I want to be spending my friday afternoon talking to that old fart. I should be gone. Anything but this. Finally Mr. Lonto walked over to me. 'Afternoon Jennifer. Sorr for taking so long, lets go into my office." He spoke slowly and led me to the small room next to his class. He then took out a folder and started discussing my work habbits. I was almost snoring, it was just plain boring. "I'm sorry Jennifer, but is there something else you would like to do?" He jokingly asked, a dose of sarcasm. "Sorry sir, I just don't get why I'm failing. I do all my work."
He smiled, and leaned over his desk. "You haven't handed in the most important assingment yet."
I was confused, and his weird smile threw me off track. "What is that? I never heard of it."
Mr. Lonto kept smiling, so I stared fiddling with my skirt. It was uncomfortable. "Listen here Jen, if you don't do what I say I'll drop your 96% to a 30." His old voice became cold. I stood up and headed for the door. It was locked. "Professor, please. I'm just too unexpeircienced." I pleaded. It was true though, my pussy is tight as a fresh hot dog bun. I'm still a virgin. "Don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know." His dark voice informed me and he stood up, zipping his pants off. A huge cock fell out and dancled ov er the edge of his pants. I might be a virgin but I knew a good penis when I saw one. It must have been 9 inches. My vagina started pulsing. My hands wandered up to my pink blouse and I undid one button. His penis grew hard and started lifting up. He smirked. I didn't like looking at his face, as he was atleast 50 years old. "That's a good girl, I wanna see those titties." He cooed while stroking his dick in front of my face. I undid the next two but left the shirt on. He stared at my C cupped breasts. "Take 'em out of the package." He ordered so I scooped each tit out of my bra.
He moaned and continued to pump his penis. "Now come forth, and open your lucious mouth." He moaned, staring up at the ceiling. On my knees I crawled toward him. I really needed that A. He stared down at me and leaned down, his giant dick only centimeters away from my face. He then slowly entered into my mouth. It felt totally weird, and I wasn't sure if I liked it. His fingers ran through my black hair. "Suck it, like you're drinking from a straw." He instructed, so I did. My saliva warmed his cock as I sucked it harder and harder, almost begging for a drink. he then thrusted his cock deeper in and I almost gagged. His grey pubes brushed on my fingers as I gently held his dick. My tongue started wrigling around and I began to tickle his head. "Ooh Jennifer, you're getting an A plus so far." He purred, but then pulled the lollipop out of my mouth. He took a seat on his desk and parted his legs. I was horrified to see my spit clinging to such a monster. His pants were off now and I could see all the hair running up his legs. But the awful sight of him turned me on. My hot pussy dribbled of cum. But then I remembered, I"m an innocent young girl, only 17 years old. I'm saving myself for marriage. What am I doing? i started to back away, but his huge hands wrapped around my head and drew me in. I gasped as my face was planted into his dick. "Do what I say!" He screeched and didn't release me. "Now lick it up and down. Slowly, like a good girl." His voice was firm and soothing. His hand guided my head and forced me to stick my tongue out. Mr. Lonto was in a position where he couldn't move his pelvis, but he urged my head along. My sweet spit drizzled over his long member and my hot tongue mopped it up. I began to get into it, so my professor removed hs hands and placed them behind him. He let out a loud groan and thrusted his hips up. "You're good for a beginner, I guess I owe you a little treat." He said in a creepy manner. He hopped off the desk and picked me up from my underarms. My ass hit the desk with such a force my boobs bounced up. "You're the sexiest student at this school, my cock longs for you. No other women on this planet will do me like you do!" His sweet talk filled my ears. It didn't suprise me. His dry, cracked hands rested on my knees. He spread my legs and stared down at my crotch. He noticed the circle of wetness in my panties. "You bad girl. Does the sight of your ugly ol' english teacher make you... horny?" He curiously asked. I nodded anxiously. His hands crept up to my hips. He took off my panties inch by inch. "I always thought you'd wear much nicer undergarments. Oh well, I'm just taking them off" He laughed and finished tearing off my underwear. He stood there, eyes wide and mouth open. His eyes locked onto my unbelievably tiny slit. "You've never been fucked I'm assuming. Jen you're making your job too easy!" He whistled. Then he hesitated, eyes locked onto my flaming pussy. "I don't wanna do anything, I might ruin the picture." I sighed and leaned back.
"Just fuck me now old man!" I screamed, anxious now for the long penis. "Make me a woman!"
He eagerly walked forward, pumping that meaty cock in his hands. He placed his arms on the desk around me, moving that hairy pelvis forward until his head met my lips.


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