Sunday, April 11, 2010

My First Customer

Hi, I'm Minati ,an indian girl , today i share how i become a porn star cum prostitute. As fur as my knowledge i know that my only son is the main culprit but i confess that now i like this profession. Here is the complete fact........

It was some 4 years ago , then i was a indian housewife from a bengali middle cast family . Like all indian i lived in a joint family with my hubby and a son who then was in 2nd year in collage. Then i was 38, though i was still attractive woman, figure was 36-30-35, hight 5'4" . My body was well tonned , my boobs were tight enough, my relative and friends told me that i looked loke a girl of 26-27. I was too proud of that. but i hav a pain that i dreamt to be a actress, that never fullfill yet.
One day my son came back to home from college with a friend of his Raju, a boy of 24-25 a little elder that my son.
After a little discussion he infromed me that his uncle a tv serial producer going to start a new tv serial for that he searched for a new woman of 30., if i agreed then i can contact with him. I agreed to the fact and told Raju that I wanted to contact him immidiately. I didn't told that to my family except my son. The next day I went to raju's uncle Mr. Ravi, a man well built of 40-45. He told me that he had a role for me in that serial, I was happyed to hard that. Then he added that for that I had to change my immage, from a house wife to a modern working girl. I agreed to him, he asked me for a trial next day. Iwas excited that my dream at last came to true.
Next day i went to Mr. Ravi there he took me to the make up artist . first time i was little nervous, because as a bengali house wife i at that time didn't wear nothing but saree, for the first time there i wore a midi and a skin tight top. After meke up I was stunned to see my self on mirror. i was so sexy and horny in that outfits. After a few photo take Mr. ravi told me that it was all right and i was elegible for market, and he asked to join his project immidiately. that day he dropped me to my home.
A week later he called me and asked to come to his office. In his office there were two more a men and a women of 40.
After a few talk suddenly he told me " sexy look at these picture". I was fearred to see these coz these are the all nude pic. of me when i get ready for that photo soot. He told me if i denied him them he would send these to my home. I feared, as i knew that if he would send these then i 'ii in great trouble. So i agreed to him.
Then according to his order the lady took me to a room where she gave me a set of erotic lingery. i cried but all in vain, she forced me to wear that. that was in pink and netted , my boobs were 30% covered and buttocks were all most open. Then she agve me a woolen scafr, and a hair band logoed with playboy. When I stood in front of Mr. Ravi he smilled and took more photo of mine. i back to home.I alredy knew that i was trapped .
5-6 day later Ravi suddenly came to my home i was fearred. He told me that if I didn't go to him then he submit all pic to my family. I agreed. That was the first mistake i had done.That evening he took me to a hotel. I was in saree. He asked me to wear a short skirt and a bra only, i wore that. Then he took me to a bed room, where 3-4 more men were present. I was feared, he told his men to light on the camera, and suddenly he pulled me to the bed. then he hold my hand and started kissing on my body, I screammed but he continued. He then pulled of my hair and started sqizing me boobs removing the bra. Then he pulled his dick, a long one and pushed it through my ass and started fuckme . i cried.
After 15 minutes he completed his work and smilled told " thank u".
That day i back to home. A week later post man gave me a cd and a letter from ravi. After playing the cd i stunned as this was the movie of that day when ravi forced me to fuck, and letter he ordered me to came to him immidiately.
After reaching there, ravi told me " look Minati u already know that your body is hunted, now i like that u come to my industry, unless i disclosed all your nude seen in local cd market." i thaught a lot that day of that and finally i agreed to Ravi coz to think of my family status, coz if i disareed then he would sent these to market.
Aweek later I finally came to ravi's . He smilled, told " goog girl, now u have to change yoursel a little". I than first time shaved my pussy and remove my body hair. As per ravi i was get ready in evenig with a silk pink frock. In that dress my boobs were almost open. Till then i didn't know that , that was my first customer meet. At around 8 Ravi called me to his room. There he pointed to me told a man " look Babu she is Minati, a new girl , one night Rs.2500" the man agreed to him and pulled me on his lap, then i went to bed room for my firt customer meet.
I found the man very expert, he first kissed my body then told me to remove my cloth. As i remove my cloth then he started squizing my boob in style, my nipples get larger. then he open his pant and hold his dick to my hand, a large one . He told me to suck it. I first time suck a dick. He finguiring my pussy. then he stood up and told to gave a pose in doggy style, he atarted to fuck my ass from back, i screaming ah! ah! ah!. After 30 minutes he jerked his dick to my face.
Now a days i perform on net and also attached to a brothel.


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