Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Beloved Uncle

The sun beat down really hot on the desert where my family was walking. My parents and brother and I were taking a walk in the Southern California desert with my Aunt Kathi and Uncle Marty this Saturday afternoon to spend some time together as a family. Since my family is very active, we had decided to walk the long desert trail out to the top of Garnet Mountain.
While we were hiking I saw an animal dashing through the rocks and sage brush. Being an animal lover, I decided to just see if I could get a good glimpse of it. I walked towards it for only a few seconds, but by the time I looked back, my family was gone. I raced up the trail, but there was a three-way split in the trail, and I still couldn't see my family. I took the trail on the right, the path with the most footprints, but I was getting really scared. I ran on the trail for a little while, but I couldn't find my family. I turned around, but going back, I ended up on a totally different trail, and I was really lost.
My family, who had taken the left trail, was starting to worry about me. Since my uncle was in the best shape and my dad had twisted his ankle, they decided that he would look for me while the others went back to the car to wait for us.
Lost and alone, I sat on a rock in the desert and cried. Soon it started to get really windy and dust and sand blew everywhere. Suddenly my brave uncle appeared in front of me. He looked like a hero in a movie. He had taken his shirt off in the heat and his hard muscles shone with sweat. His handsome face was really serious, and I could tell he was very angry with me.
"Why did you run off like that Sarah? You were a very bad girl," he scowled.
"I'm sorry Uncle Marty, I saw a cool animal, and you know how much I love animals. I followed it."
"Don't talk back to me young lady. You were very naughty, and there are no excuses. Now we need to find shelter from this wind storm."
Uncle Marty picked me up off the rock roughly, and said, "Now follow me and do everything I say if you don't want to be in more trouble."
I knew Uncle Marty was glad to see me, but in my family things like that don't help you when you do something wrong. "Spare the rod, spoil the child," they always said, and I knew it was true. If I was bad, I had to be punished so that I would always remember what was naughty and what wasn't. As soon as we were safe, I knew Uncle Marty was going to punish me. I got scared thinking about it, though. I had never been punished by Uncle Marty, and he was a lot stronger than Daddy. He had been pretty rough when he picked me up off of the rock, and I wondered if he knew his own strength. I started wishing that my beloved Daddy was there to punish me instead. Daddy would make me take off all my clothes and hit my bottom really hard because he said that being naked was humiliating and would help me understand the punishment, but he always massaged my bottom when he was done, making it feel better. I didn't know what Uncle Marty would do to me, but then I remembered that I deserved to be punished, and I always should submit to anything that he thought best. He is my elder after all, and whatever he says is always best.
Uncle Marty pulled me along by my arm, and after wandering in the dust storm for a few minutes we finally found a cave that was big enough for us to fit inside. It was dark inside, so Uncle Marty lit a small lantern and set it high up on a ledge so the cave was filled with light. He turned around to look at me, and saw that I was crying a little bit.
"Why are you crying, Sarah? We're safe now."
"I'm crying because I was bad, and now you're going to punish me."
Looking very grave, Uncle Marty said, "Yes Sarah, that's what happens when you're bad. Now come over here."
I crept up to him, and he pulled me with his strong arms and made me lean over his knee, with my butt up in the air, right in front of him. He swatted me with his huge, strong arms eleven times, then put his four fingers just inside the back of my pants and pulled me upright.
"Now don't ever do that again my little Sarah. I want you to be a really good and sweet niece for your Uncle Marty. Now why do you look so surprised?"
"Daddy always makes me take off all me clothes before he spanks me. I thought you were going to be even harder on me than Daddy, since you're so big and stern and strong looking. I thought you would be more harsh with me."
"Your Daddy makes you take all your clothes off?" Uncle Marty seemed surprised. "Even now that you're growing up?" Uncle Marty looked over my young body. He paid extra attention to my breasts that were young and tender but quickly growing larger and rounder and to my slender hips that were just wide enough to accent my tiny waist and to my slim legs that were rather long for my age. I didn't consider myself really that beautiful, not until my breasts were full grown, but my body was toned from all the exercise my family gets and all of my family members said I had an unusually pretty face and lovely long chestnut hair. I wasn't too sure though because I was homeschooled and I always wondered what other kids would think of me. "He takes all your clothes off," he muttered under his breath.
"Yes," I replied, "I guess I've been starting to be really bad lately because my beloved Daddy has been spanking me more often and a lot harder, too. He says that since I'm starting to be so bad, he's going to find new ways to punish me, too. But you were so easy on me just now."
"Yes, I think your daddy is right to do that. I was surprised at first because I thought maybe you were too old for such things, but I see now that I was wrong about that. Being your age, you really should know to be more responsible and respectful of your elders. Very well, Sarah, for now, don't worry about it, but as soon as I think of a suitable punishment, I am going to punish you more severely for being a naughty girl and running off like you did."
"But Uncle Marty, you already punished me!"
"Sarah!" Uncle Marty seemed shocked. Growing very stern, he said, "Sarah, how dare you talk back to me like that. I can see that you will need to be punished very severely when I think of your punishment."
"Yes Uncle Marty," I said, my head bowed slightly.
"Now sit on the rock across from me while we wait for the wind to die down."
I sat on the rock just across from him the dimly lit cave. The dust outside made the light coming in rather little. He didn't say anything for a little while, and neither did I. I kept sneaking glances at my uncle's body, though. I knew I shouldn't stare, but I couldn't help looking at him. He was tall and very, very fit and muscular. His face was handsome, and his hair was silvery but very thick.
At that point in my life I knew nothing about sex yet. My dad was a minister, and my parents were very conservative. I was homeschooled and didn't know other kids my age. I guess my brother and I were very isolated, but that was good because my beloved Daddy was the only person who knew the right way for us to live.
Even though I didn't know about sex, and I was not allowed to touch myself in my private parts, looking at my uncle made me feel funny down there. The part of my body near where I pee started to feel swollen and funny and my heart was thumping weirdly, too. I had started to feel like kind of like this before, whenever Daddy spanked me and made me take off my clothes, but looking at my uncle, with his shirt off and his hard muscles glistening was driving me crazy. I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I couldn't help scratching myself down there just for a second. When I did, it felt so good, that I rubbed myself again while looking at my handsome uncle. He had been looking out at the storm that was starting to die down, but I guess he saw me because he turned back and asked, "Sarah, what are you doing?!"
"Sorry Uncle Marty. I had an itch."
"Oh," he replied slowly and then started looking at me again. He spent a longer time looking at my breasts and between my slightly spread legs than he had before. Looking down for a second, I realized that my nipples were hard like it was cold and were poking through the thin fabric of my training bra, but it wasn't cold outside. Even further down, I noticed that there was a wet spot on my shorts between my legs. Thinking I had accidently peed inside my pants, I crossed my legs quickly and looked away.
"It's okay my little Sarah, don't worry about it," my Uncle Marty replied.
Surprised, I looked up with a smile. "You forgive me then?"
"Yes Sarah, I forgive you," he finally smiled at me. "The wind is dying down outside. I'm going to go look and see where we are."
"Okay Uncle Marty."
A minute later, he returned. "I don't know where in the world we are," he said worriedly. "There a little spring outside our cave through, so we'll have water. Come on, let's go outside."
I followed him outside and saw the pool of water near our cave. "Oh it's beautiful!" I exclaimed, happy now that my uncle had forgiven me for the moment, at least until he decided to punish me for my disobedience. "Uncle, I'm really dusty from the wind storm. Can I wash myself off in the stream that goes down from the pool? And since you're my uncle, it's okay for me to be naked around you, just like when I'm with Daddy, right?"
"Maybe I should go in the cave, my darling niece." Uncle Marty looked a little nervous.
"But I won't be safe out here alone!" I protested, making my voice shaky as if I was scared. The funny feeling near where I pee was feeling sooo good and I knew it would go away if he went in the cave where I couldn't see his amazing body.
"Okay, I guess you're right" he admitted. "Take your clothes off and rinse them and lay them on the rocks to dry."
Excited, I pulled my shirt over my head and then stepped out of my shorts. My uncle was looking away at first, but when I stood there in just a bra and bikini underwear, he gave up and stared at my young body. I watched all the muscles in his body grow taught as I unhooked by bra in the back. Seeing his muscles flex drove me crazy down there and I wiggled my hips a little, trying to stay calm. I let my bra fall, and my young, perky breasts were exposed just a few feet away from my entranced uncle. My nipples poked out, stretching out towards my uncle, wanting him. Then I pulled my underwear off, and his eyes darted down to the triangle of soft, fine hair that was just barely starting to grow.
Turning around towards the stream, I bent down to pick up all my clothes, my young bottom facing him, and then walked over to the stream, bent over again to put my clothes on rocks where the water would wash them but not carry them away. Then I turned towards my uncle again, moving my body slowly and brushing my long, thick hair behind my shoulders so he could see my breasts, and said, "Okay Uncle Marty, I did what you told me to do. May I get in the water now to wash my body?"
"Yes Sarah, get in the water and wash yourself thoroughly." I stepped into cool water. It was shallow, so I sat down in it, and scooped the water into my hands and rubbed every part of myself thoroughly to get the dust off. I could feel my uncle watching my closely, but I didn't look at Uncle Marty until I started to clean my private parts. I turned my body to face him, and then started washing myself down there. Uncle Marty was standing behind a rock, and it looked like he was rubbing his private parts, too. I was surprised, but my body really liked seeing him do that I guess because I started to feel even better than before. I rubbed harder and faster and it felt even better.
Seeing me, Uncle Marty's eyes grew even bigger, but he didn't look angry. Instead he stopped came out from behind the rock.
"You know, Sarah, I got dirty in the storm, too." He laughed a little nervously. "I need to take a bath, too."
"Oh yes, you did get dirty, especially with your shirt off, Uncle. Please take a bath with me, Uncle Marty."
"I will, Sweetheart, just give your uncle a minute to take his clothes off," Uncle Marty said kindly.
To be continued...


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