Sunday, April 11, 2010

Me and My Best Friends' First Time

My best friend and I decided to take a week long trip to New York city to celebrate our 19th birthdays, we were born two days apart. After a Yankees game we decided to hit a local bar and try look at any girls that went by. Little did we know that cowboys were a hot comodity in NY this year. Before we could even order drinks we had a few girls start talking to us, and they were ok, but there was two chicks a few tables down that looked amazing so we casually pasted on several groups of girls. After passing on 4 groups of girls I noticed that the two hot babes were starting to pay more attention to us at the same time my buddy wispered to me that he was incredibly horny and would need to go back to the room and jackoff soon. I told him to wait and that I just might be able to get him a girl to blow him. He liked this idea so we ordered two more drinks for that hot girls, which they seemed to appriciate. Five minutes later they both got up and left the bar, what a disapointment I was hoping to at least see them topless. A couple minutes later they both walked back into that bar showing much more boob than before, and much to my cocks delight walked right up to us.

It was know obivious that they wanted sex, and to my great joy seemed to want cowboy meet badly. They waved their breats under our faces, liked their lips, and asked if we knew how to use the tools we were givin. Being two horny boys we didn't need much encouragment so we said we were about to go back to our hotel and they were welcome to join us. So the four of us left the bar and walked down a block and went up to our room. I thought we would take it slow, and not scare them off, but they had other things in mind. The slightly taller girl took my friend's hand and led him to the edge of our bed. Being poor high school boys we got a 1 bed hotel room. She sat him down and just ripped his shirt of, and then hers. 30 seconds later they were both naked and on top of each other. I then looked at the other chick and she gave me a wink, dimmed the lights and rubbed her hands all over me. We let the ladies decide when to have sex but now that it was about to start it was time for a change, with a wink at each other my friend and I took charge. He rolled her over and just fucked her. I wanted to take it a little slower for my first time. I told my chick, Jenny, to get naked and I would as well, we turned away from each other and stripped. She got completely ass naked, but I left my boxers on. Jenny was a little pissed at this but I shushed her and told her to feel me over starting at my shoulders and going down. When she got to my hips i tolled her to pull my boxers down as she felt the outside of my legs. When her hand came back up the inside they found a naked cowboy cock waiting for her tiny pussy. I asked her if she had ever held a cock before, and to my surprise, she said no. I tolled her to lick my balls, then up the bottom of my cock, swirl the head, and down the top of my now hard dick. She then looked me in the eyes and I knew it was time to plow that pussy open, but first I wanted to make sure she knew I was in charge when it came to how to have sex. I told her to feel my cock over again because in a moment I would put it in her, then I placed my larger than I had ever seen it before cock on her pussy so it covered the whole thing, told her to feel it again and to feel the power I had. She was so smitten and horny at this point she didnt even care when I tolled her I would be opening her virgen pussy with a natural cock. No latex getting in the way. No was the moment I had dreamed about since I was ten, I arched me back a bit and slowly slide my cock in. IT WAS AMAZING! Her pussy gripped my cock like it was molded for it. I went in and out and in and out not wanting this pleasure to end. Then almost simutaniously my friend and I cummed and thenjust lay there with huge shit eating grins on our faces.

My friend was not one to lie around doing nothing with naked girls in the room so he suggested we switch bitches and enjoy what we had each opened for each other.


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