Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Fun We Have Had

“Mhm, yeh, ohhmm!” I moaned as I rubbed my clit at a fast speed. With the radio blaring, my dad, who was watching TV downstairs, shouldn’t be able to hear me.
Let me give you a picture in your head about how I look 
I am 16, not completely average weight, but most definitely not fat. I am Caucasian, dirty (dark) blond and I have pretty big boobs, compared to most …

I kept up the rubbing, but for some reason I opened my eyes, and there, standing in the doorway with a pile of my laundry in his hands was my 6’1 dad and his 9 inch boner. I grabbed at my jeans, of which were hanging around my ankles, and started to pull.

“Wh, whaa, what are you doing?” my dad managed to spit out.
“Uh, sorry, I was just…” I started
“No, I mean why are you pulling up your jeans?” he said sternly, in his ‘you’re in trouble’ voice.
I stared at him

He walked over to me, leaving the laundry on the floor, and yanked my jeans off of my legs, and tore off my bra.
I whimpered slightly and only then did I think he noticed that I was 16, and that I had feelings.
“Honey, is this okay with you?” he asked “Do you know what I am doing? Are you a virgin?”

I giggled “Yes daddy, this is fine, I know what you are doing, and yes I still am a virgin! Why wouldn’t I be, I am 16!!! And I secretly have always wanted you to do me…”
He smiled and looked me up and down, then shimmied out of his pants and boxers. He ripped off his shirt and watched me again. He leaned over and sucked lightly on my right breast, his tongue circling my nipple. He continued this on each of them, sucking hard.
I pushed him over like they do in the pornos and he fell on my bed. “Oh, Sammie” he moaned my mother’s name. She was away on a month long business trip.
“Ahem?” I looked at him jokingly mad
“Oh sorry” he smiled.
I jumped up and started sucking fiercely at his cock, of which was rock hard. I had seen this in pornos that my bff and I watch at her house all of the time, so I did what they did. I sucked the tip, then actually went up and down, using my tongue to massage the head. He groaned and I thought I had hurt him, so I stopped and sat back. He stood up on my bed, where I was sitting with my legs crossed, and held my head still. He thrust his cock into my mouth and made me choke. He was fucking my head! He cummed down my throat, which made me gag, but I still swallowed.
Finally he told me that it was time for the real fucking.

He sat down on my floor and then laid down, so I could take my time with him. I walked over to him and shrugged. He told me that I was in control, that he wouldn’t do anything, that he wanted me to ‘explore’. I picked up his dick, of which was flopped over on his stomach, a string of cum still attached to it. I straddled him and started to bend my knees, facing him. He told me to put my knees on his stomach, so I did. I lowered myself to his dick, just a tiny bit away from his throbbing nine inch cock.
I did not know what to do, I had never fingered or masturbated my vagina, only my clit. I put the head of his dick on my clit, innocently honest in the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. My father laughed, sat up, and brought his warm hand over to mine.
“Honey, this is what you do…” He guided my hand, and his cock, over to my pussy. I was wet from the clit rubbing. He knew that my cherry would need to be popped, so he laid on his back and put his hands on my waist.
“Easy, honey, just do what I tell you to.”
He pulled me down on his massive cock as hard and fast as he could.
“Ahhhweeee!” I cried. “Dad, what was that! It hurts soo much!”
“Oh, honey, that was your hymen, your virginity.”
“Will it always hurt like that?” I asked
“Hahaha, no, only this time.”
His cock was pressed slightly up against my entrance, me still kneeling on his abs and straddling him. I bended my knees and the head popped in.
“Mmmm!” I moaned, as I started to lower myself further. I looked at my dad’s expression. His head was thrown back and his eyes were rolling back into his head with pleasure.
I slowly moved up and down on his cock, getting wetter and wetter, still getting those little waves of pleasure. Then I started going fast, up and down, up and down.
“Sit down all the way on it, NOW!” commanded my father. I did.
“Now rock, rotate your hips! NOW! DO AS I TELL YOU!”
I did what he told me, I rotated my hips, his throbbing nine inch dick twisting around my vagina. Then it happened. He groaned and I felt some hot cum come out into my vagina. Then there was more. Then more. He came for a good minute nonstop, into my pussy. It was hot cum, and pushed me over the edge to my first vaginal orgasm.
I got off of his dick and stood.
“What are you doing”!” asked my surprised father.
I kneeled and put my hands down so I was on all fours, my pussy spread open so my father could see. “Fuck me doggy style” I commanded in my sexiest voice. A huge smile spread across his face. He leaped up and kneeled behind me. I looked forward, waiting for his entrance. All of a sudden I cried out. He had started licking my pussy, getting it super wet. It felt so weird, but so good. Then he straightened his spine and started to press his penis against my entrance, then the head popped in. That felt so wonderful, the head going in, that I arched my back and pelvis. That made my father start pumping. FAST. He was going faster than I could ever rub my clit. I screamed out in pain and pleasure, which only made my father go deeper. My pussy was so wet, because of my cum, his cum, and his eating out, that I could hear my pussy squish and gluk at each pump. He kept up the pumping and I could feel his cock throb and swell. Suddenly he came hard, and so did I. I groaned extremely loud and came so hard it made my shake. He came so hard that he flopped over on to my back, where I then passed out. I woke up a good half hour later, and he was also passed out, still on top of me. I pushed him on to his back carefully, so I would not wake him. He laid there, still out cold, and his dick had stopped being erect, is with a few minutes of sucking on it, he was erect again. I started riding him, wondering how long it would be until he woke. All of a sudden he shot his eyes open, and stared at me. He threw his head back and started thrusting upward. He came again, which was too much for me, I orgasmed also and all of the cum squirted out of me. He suddenly stood up and brought me with him. He laid me on my bed, my legs draping over the side, and my crotch just on the edge. He entered and started fucking with all of his might. He kept hitting against my cervix. He finally climaxed and came even again, but this time, unlike the others, he kept pumping while cumming. I could feel his balls slap against my ass, which brought me to my biggest orgasm ever. I came so hard that I shook, cried, yelled, and then passed out. I awoke to more pussy attention, only this time he was hold me up and lowering me up and down off of his throbbing cock. I had a tingly feeling and suddenly all I wanted to do was kiss him. I leaned forward and put my lips on his, pushed his mouth open with my tongue and massaged his tongue. He groaned and came, but held the kiss even longer. When he finally broke the kiss, I glanced at my clock and stared wide eyed at it. We had been going at it for almost 4 ½ hours!!! He told me to go doggy style again so I kneeled. He left my room for a few seconds and came back with something hidden behind his back. He kneeled behind me and I felt a cold thing go into my pussy. I heard a click and suddenly the thing started vibrating, which made me moan, when I felt his dick go into my ass. My asshole had never stretched that far before. He started speed fucking my ass, with the vibrater at my pussy the whole time. He came in my ass twice, and I came so many times that I couldn’t count. He pulled them both out and started eating out my ass and pussy, licking up all of those sweet juices.
“Are you ok, sweetheart?” I asked me.
“Oh, daddy..” I said, out of breath from the countless orgasms. “I am fine, but just fuck me.”
He got up and left the room, but came back with one of those rings that you put around a dick and then that vibrates. He put that on and turned it on, then started to fuck me easy, not slow, not fast, but steady. I was limp, it felt so good. Suddenly
“Ahhhhh!!! DADDYY! FUCK ME FAST! LOVE ME!!!!!! RUB MY CLIT!!!” I dug my nails into the carpet, as I was still in doggy style position, and he started going fast, rubbing my clit at the same time, leaning over me and humping me, kissing my back and neck. That was too much. I came so hard that it sprayed my father’s legs and the floor. I then passed out for the third time. When I woke up, I was laying naked, in my bed, my father’s arms wrapped around me, he was watching me, his dick inserted in my vagina, but not fucking me at all. I turned my head, to let him know that I was awake, then checked the clock for how long we have been fucking. It had been 6 hours, it was 11 o’clock pm. He grabbed my leg and lifted it, then continued to fuck me. I came in my bed twice. Then I wriggled out of his embrace, as soon as he had come, and turned to face him, I put my pussy over his face, laid on his stomach, and started to suck his dick. He licked my clit and juices while I massaged his massive cock with my tongue. I came twice, sending quite a bit of juices onto my dad’s willing face. He came in my mouth twice. I started to turn around, I lowered myself onto his dick and started to slowly fuck him, while I kissed him passionately. He suddenly started pumping from underneath me, hard, fast, and deep. We came at the exact same moment. He arched his back and so did I. Then I laid on him, breathing hard. I must have fell asleep because I woke up the next morning in his bed next to him, as my bed was way too wet to sleep in. My pussy was so sore, that it hurt just standing. I put on my pajamas and went downstairs and started a pot of coffee for us. My father came down in some boxers.
“Honey, if you ever tell anyone about what happened last night, I could go to jail… please, just keep it to you,”
“Ok daddy!”
We fucked for a few more nights, but not as extreme. A month passed and my mom came back. Then, the dreaded happened. I skipped a period. I was irregular anyway, so I just waited until next month. Still no period. I winced. I told my mom that I had skipped two periods, she asked me if I had had sex with anyone. I lied and said no. She bought two home pregnancy tests and both tested positive, I was two and a half months pregnant at age 13. She immediately asked my if dad had let me go out on my own and have sex. I told her no. She asked me if I wanted to tell my father or if she should, tears streaming down her face. I told her that it was my fault and to not to feel like it was hers, which only made her feel worse. I decided that I would tell my dad. I went into his room while he was reading the newspaper in his bed.
“Dad?” I asked, then winced at my voice cracking.
He turned “Mmmmhm?”
“Daddy, I have something to tell you…”
“What is it darling? Are you getting an F in math? Problems at school?”
“Well, I wish… Daddy… I, I am pregnant.”
His eyes grew wide and he shook his head. He sighed and winced, then he crawled over next to where I was sitting on the edge of his bed crying.
“Honey I am sorry that I did this to you. I, wha, how are we going to tell your mother that I am the dad?”
“Well, I guess we don’t have to…”
We agreed not to tell her, but a month later when I had gained 5 pounds of baby weight and had to go to the doctor for a checkup, she asked to have the test done that would match the father up to the baby. The test was done and the nurse told her the name. My mother exploded, she paid, stormed out of the office, and drove home. She did not speak to me but when we got home she demanded an explanation from my father. He told her what happened, all of everything, and she demanded a divorce. She did not want me anywhere near him and told me so. I decided to have the baby, and then share the custody with a foster parent until I was out of school. When my baby was 4 years old, I let him meet his daddy. His immediate question was why aren’t you married. When he was 15 and I was 29 I told him what had happened. He was shocked, but he soon got over the fact that I was his half sister and accepted it. I had two more children with my daddy, and we called each other married, even though we could not legally get married. My mother was disgusted, but soon she ignored us. She died in a car accident when I was 34. I am 40 now, and my dad is now 64. To this day my father and I fuck daily and nightly, and sometimes my now 20 year old son joins us for a threesome gangbang. We love each other and I have heard at night my two sons (20 and 17) making my 16 year old daughter suck them and fuck them. I have caught them twice and told them to use condoms, but otherwise it was ok.
I hope you have enjoyed my true story, and that maybe one day I can write another one, most likely and animal one. If I do, I will have the title have *stars* on it and in the first paragraph I will write to you that I also wrote this story. Thank you for reading!


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