Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alone In The Basement

This story is about my first major sexual experience that took place a few years ago with a girl i know in my neighborhood; we were around 15-16 at the time.. Her name was Demi and she lived down the street from me for the past 6 years until she went off to college. I met her at a party at the house where the story takes place. Our friends Joel and Miller lived at the house with there mother and step-father who was throwing the party. I was sitting there in the driveway just listening to the music on the radio while the parents and other neighbors BS'd amongst each other .Now guys, you know that feeling you get when you lock eyes with a beautiful girl your meeting for the first time? When our parents introduced us to each other it was like fireworks going off in my head. I knew i was in love with her.

Anyways im 6'1", around 165 lbs athletic build, brown hair, green eyes. She was about 5'7", beautiful tanned skin, gorgeous strawberry blonde-brown hair, nice boobs for her age, perfect ass, and killer brown/hazel eyes that would stop any guy dead in his tracks. She was a cheerleader and always wore a tight tank top and tight booty shorts. She had a younger brother who i was friends with but i hadnt met her until that party. But we too also became good friends and whenever her brother was with us, she was too. So one day me, her, her bro, and another kid named Stephen were all at Joel's house playing poker. The others got bored and left to go start a football game with kids up the street, leaving me and Demi alone in the basement (which was finished).

Were sittin there playin blackjack, with her lookin just as hot as ever, when she drops a card on the floor under the table. I offer to pick it up and when i go under the table, she reached down and pulled her shorts to the side, revealing the most gorgeous, shaved pussy i have ever seen to this day. I mustve stared at it for a god while (i had lost all sense of time) cuz she asked if i was ok. i managed to nervously utter,"", and i sat back up. She looked at me very seductively and asked if i liked what i saw. Again i uttered,"y-y-yeah". Then she leans across the table and starts slowly making out with me. after a few seconds she whispered,"Ive wanted you for so long. Every night i lay in my bed and think about u...if you know what i mean". Oh believe me i know what she meant.

Next, she moved her chair and the card table and slowly started to walk towards me. She spread her legs and stradled me as i sat in the chair. We started to make out again as i ran my hands from her shoulders, down her back, to her ass, then down her thighs, and back up. I gave her boobs a nice few squeezes through her shirt as she softly moaned into my mouth. Then she stopped and grabbed her shirt and took it off, revealing a hot pink and white polka-dotted bra, which i then managed to unhook, exposing her perfectly firm tits and perky nipples. I began to suck on one while squeezing and massaging the other, to which she let out more soft moans.

After a minute or two, she stood, stretched her body poking her tits out, and turned around. she ran a finger down inside the back of her shorts a couple inches then pulled out the strings of a matching thong. She then slowly began to pull her shorts down as she bent over and turned her head to look at me. I could see a wet spot on her thong, and through it i could see her pussy lips just begging to be spread by my raging 7in shaft. She then came back over to me and stradled me once more and removed my shirt. her tits pushed against my chest as we made out again.

Thats when she dropped to her knees and slid down my shorts. She was amazed at how big i was. She was almost in shock of its mass. She curiously ran her hands up and down my shaft. Then she daringly placed the head in her lips and licked it. Then she wrapped her hand around it and slowly pushed it into her mouth as far as she could. I was surprised to see her take at least 2/3 of it. She started to suck it faster and faster and moan louder an louder. I started to get that feeling after about 5 minutes and said,"Demi im gonna cum". She stopped sucking and said,"Cum on my face baby" and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. After hearing her soft voice i immediately covered her face with a huge load of cum. She licked what was on her mouth to add to the god bit that ended up in her mouth as the rest ran down her face to her chin and neck, which dripped and ran down onto her boobs.

She cleaned every bit off her face and chest with her finger and swallowed every drop. "Oh my god that tasted amazing, but i want more". I stood up and took her hand and she let me to the couch. She layed down on her back and spread her legs and i started to rub her pussy. She instantly began moaning. I hit her clit and she almost screamed. She arched her back as i began rubbing faster. She got wet enough for me to insert a finger. She was so tight. Her moans got longer and more passionate as my finger violated her pussy.

After a few minutes of fingering her she stopped me. "I cant take it anymore Derek. You have to fuck me NOW." I asked,"Dont we need a condom?" "No. Im on the pill." She spread her legs wider as i got between them. I started to rub her opening with my head. Then she grabbed my cock and positioned it against her opening. I pushed harder and harder to get her open. Finally i pushed with enough force that her pussy couldnt take anymore. It gave way allowing half of my dick to be thrusted inside. Demi let out a loud moan. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, DEREK", she screamed. "YOUR DICK IS SO FUCKING BIG. YOUR RIPPING ME IN HALF." I said," Demi your pussy is so damn tight. Are you ok? Does it hurt?" "Yes. But it feels so fucking good", she answered. I began to slowly thrust as she began to moan. The sound of her wet pussy sounded amazing.

After a few seconds when my cock was fully lubricated with her juices, she said,"Harder." I began to bang her harder as her moans got louder and louder. Eventually I was going all the way in at a good speed. Her tits bouncing along with each fuck. The sound of her wet pussy being pounded was the greatest thing i had ever heard.

"FUCK. FUCK ME DEREK. FUCK ME. OH YEAH", she screamed as i rocked her body with each thrust. Her screams continued. "OH MY GOD YES. YES. YES. OH YEAH RIGHT THERE. YEAH. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK MY PUSSY BABY." I then squeezed her tits, smacked her ass, and sucked her nipples. I spread her legs and ass wider so i could fuck her better. Thats when my finger brushed against her asshole. She moaned so loud when it did. "Put ur finger in my ass", she said. i collected some of her juices that ran down from her pussy on my finger and lubed it along with her tight little pink asshole. I inserted my finger in and had an intense orgasm. She begged me not to stop. "PLEASE DONT STOP. WHTEVER YOU DO DONT STOP".

I eventually worked another finger in and her asshole began getting tighter around my fingers as i fingered it. We kept fucking for about an hour in this way. Finally, i felt it. "Demi. Demi im gonna cum baby. im gonna cum."OH MY GOD ME TOO. CUM DEREK. CUM INSIDE ME. CUM INSIDE ME." At that point we both simultaneously came. I thrusted deeper inside her than i ever did, filling her tight pussy with the most enormous load of cum. our two cums mixed together and made one huge load. It just kept coming as it ran out of her pussy like river even though half of it stayed in her.

We layed there as she breathed heavily and i kissed her neck. After we caught our breaths i pulled out and more of the mixed cum exploded out of her. She reached down and filled her hand with it and put it in her mouth which she played with for a minute with her tongue before swallowing it. She gave me a big kiss and threw her arms around me. "Derek that was amazing. I love you so much." "I love you too, Demi." We held each other for a while then we figured we would get dressed and go catch up with the others.

We left the house hand in hand with big smiles on our faces. As we were walking i asked if she would go out with me, which she accepted. We fucked many more times in the 2 years we dated, but broke up when she left to go to college across the state. We still talk though, and often discuss our most amazing memory together. She comes back to town every few months but were always too busy to hang out. Next time she comes in, ill be sure to give her a welcoming she will never forget.


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